StreetTunes StreetTunes Artist

O_O.Crazy design bro! i like it.+1 =D, plz hit me back up with a comment or a vote.

leeed leeed Artist

do you vote for my laste design “autumn”

pardon my french

This is a winner hope u take it all! this %*#@*$ rocks, man!!!

liek the idea of covering the entire T..
do visit & vote for my design ‘SeahorseFlight’

Moneta Moneta Human

you have super color sense

Perdana Perdana Artist

i like it…punk style…so chaos

Beekei Beekei Artist

I like this allover! +1

pici pici Artist

great design ! could you check my profile

leeed leeed Artist

wow!!! i really like this art.. could you check my profile

SantoMuerto SantoMuerto Artist

Mad crazy abstract. I like it

Yeah ! I love it ! Well done ! It’s a good idea to make it cover the whole tee !

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