bortwein bortwein Artist from Pennsylvania, United States

I’m going to have to buy the Black. Very cool. It’s still 1st place in my mind.

sonmi sonmi Artist


sacquef sacquef Artist from Peru

this design = Brutal

Romie1092 Romie1092 Human

This shirt is so nice but doesnt like being washed. Put it in a cold wash and alot of the ink had faded away and run :(

bortwein bortwein Artist from Pennsylvania, United States

I washed both of shirts I have of this (Black and White) and neither of them had any trouble in the wash. They still look great.

dukemesh dukemesh Human

original was printed on a dark blue, right? wish there was another option besides black for men

FaltzerZX FaltzerZX Human

Is there any way to get a white one for guys?

Catwings Catwings Human

I would very much love (and most definately purchase) the girl version in black.

I love it!!!!! =D

Thientje Thientje Human

can’t wait till I get my black version

I’d kill for a men’s in white.

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

This has got to be one of the best designs I’ve seen. It totally rocks!

If you get the chance check out my design: http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/50598

wearefree wearefree Artist

Love it, ordered it, can’t wait.

Radi Radi Human

Damn! It’s one of the more amazing tee you can get, but It looks even better on white – maybe you should consider a print on a white tee for men too?

Pado Pado Human

Yeah another vote for a male print on white. The detail stands out much more.

maxpower maxpower Human

One MORE vote for a male print on white. The design on white is outstanding. Please do this!!

Greets from Austria ;)

Royzy Royzy Human

Just bought it, and look forward to wearing it!

adamsw216 adamsw216 Artist

I’d love to see the guys print on white too, I would buy that in a heartbeat!

davasse davasse Human

Reprint in M would be awesome drooling
I’ll buy it rite away!

edz1 edz1 Human


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