nwdoss nwdoss Artist

Great!!! +1
I love the second one!
I’ll buy it for sure!

Ray_Locks Ray_Locks Artist from Kuwait

perfect!! +1, hit me too!!!

roca25 roca25 Human

print this

MancMarc MancMarc Artist

I love this!!! top right for me works the best. Shout out the T dot. I love that city.

Awesome design. Top right is best imo, but would definitely buy any of them if it was printed..

hodgey_15 hodgey_15 Human

top right and bottom left my favorites but all very good!
+1! hope this gets printed!

saturos saturos Human

Top right placement look really good, hope you win.

Snowy Snowy Artist from Texas, United States

nice work, I’m surprised it hasn’t printed yet.

jckl20 jckl20 Human

I want this shirt so bad!!!

Wicked design man.

chu816 chu816 Human

This shirt is awesome

xylentphree xylentphree Artist from Philippines

great design! +1
hope you could visit my works, tnx

sle1224 sle1224 Human

top right is my favorite

kdeuce kdeuce Artist from United States


enthos enthos Human

beautiful work. voted. check out my submission if you get the chance.

electrifried electrifried Artist from Australia

top right is clearly the best!! placing it in the center just looks weird. nice design

seriously? why isnt this one printed yet.. WAITING TO BUY! :D

Amscray Amscray Human

anything but top left

this is pretty amazing, i like the first placement though

flash flash Human

wow, all 3 look really good

All your designs are absolute gold, especially this one!

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