tannenj tannenj Human

much luck on the win!

shmeedles shmeedles Human

Voted again.

slandin slandin Artist

from 10 finalist down to five.. still you’re my fav!..

zeenko zeenko Human

awesome design, good luck!

cactusnuts cactusnuts Human from Canada

I hope this wins. By far the best design.

Of all the amazing entries in the finals, this and Jimiyo’s sticks out. But the placement innovation tops out, and I feel it deserves the #1.

Good luck.

Zaburino Zaburino Human

“One of the only designs I would buy without hesitation.”

I couldn’t say truer words.

kilaya kilaya Human

Showstopper!! +100

jabeguy jabeguy Artist from United States

DUDE. YES! Black-ops spy on everything you can think of using consciousness assisted technology (CAT) and technology assisted consciousness (TAC). This is a perfect rep of the reality that we will all face soon. VOTED!


leonardo leonardo Artist

nice one!!!

typo typo Human

One of the only designs I would buy without hesitation.

opifan64 opifan64 Artist from Canada

Incredible work! voted

Gambit Gambit Human

VOTED! awesome :)

ansharp ansharp Human

I’m a big fan of your work. Good luck with this one! The scope and message are epic.

cilekesh cilekesh Human

absolute brilliance.

Growing on me, it’s legit.

quenne quenne Human

sweet design man.
hope it wins so i can buy it.

Nismoto Nismoto Human

Coolio! Voted for this. Nice work and I definately would buy one. However (isn’t there always one), I think you should add a screen with the dude in it as if he was also being watched: A little recursion (Droste Effect).

You down with OPP (other people’s paranoia)?

kstein kstein Artist

Best of luck! Great design!

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