Gambit Gambit Human

aaah I must have it!

awwwwww awwwwww Human

found this from woot too. Voted!

awwwwww awwwwww Human

found this from woot too.

I just realized today how many of your shirts I already own.

This one is groovy as well.

dthree dthree Human

can’t wait to buy it

jimiyo jimiyo Artist from United States

Sign me up!

seamus852 seamus852 Human

i want this shirt

you have serious talent for the t-shirt canvas. also, this concept is appealing to my adbusters/rage against the machine inclinations. I hope yours will win.

mmbrennan mmbrennan Human

Voted for you, found this off the woot shirt.

count me in

kingofme kingofme Human


malcolm_man malcolm_man Artist

wow, amazing work. Love the wrap around.

kevboh kevboh Human

i voted for it!

schlito schlito Human

very interesting design. This needs to win!!!

ruesifus ruesifus Human

That is a very very cool design, GMV.

panicbot panicbot Human

+1, fantastic design, i joined dbh just to vote for you.

great thoughts !!!

shox shox Artist

really artistic . to the extreme .

acubed82 acubed82 Human

Voted! Awesome design. Hope it wins.

weck weck Human

your work on woot and tee fury recently have been amazing! good luck!

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