daeshat daeshat Artist

i dont think i can wear this…i live in india…nice design.
but the blindfold thing…...totally wrong.i dont take it as an insult but ppl sure as hell will.
its like wearing a jesus t-shirt which has him blindfolded ! imagine wearing that and roaming around in the american christian belt : )

idiosigil idiosigil Human

In the picture, the Men’s reprint looks much better than the one I had ordered originally and returned. Did they fix the color of the fabric, or are the photos just color-corrected? The original print that I got, the fabric was much too dark, and matched the shade of the ink of the shirt… rendering it almost invisible. DBH’s response to me: “It’s supposed to be subtle”.

pachuco pachuco Human

Great shirt, but i’d much rather have the green. Oh well.

The green color was better =( Still an awesome shirt though.

dankoni dankoni Human from Pennsylvania, United States

I really love this design, but the comments on the color are worrying me. Can someone who bought the reprint comment on how this version turned out?

keeten keeten Artist

Does she come with the shirt? Great design though!

ser1 ser1 Human

good color choice

GodComplex GodComplex Artist

I recieved my shirt in the mail today, and I love it very much. Thank you, Ellsswhere.

Old30Bastard Old30Bastard Artist from Tennessee, United States

I bought this tee when I won Tee of the Day. Its amazing!

Nice Work! Lovely colors

roothuman roothuman Human

The image on the t-shirt is a hindu god, please remove this shirt.

Great design!! im wearing it proudly in Gothenburg – Sweden!

Fourfreak Fourfreak Human from Auckland, New Zealand

When will there be more mediums?

This shirt needs a Large!! Hopeful for a Reprint very soon!!x

argh, i would have bought a medium if they had it

Man, I REALLY want this shirt…it’s by far my favorite on the entire site! All these comments about the low quality of the print worry me though. I have this page bookmarked in hopes that the next printing of the shirt will have the issue of “the fabric was much too dark, and matched the shade of the ink of the shirt” resolved.

Many kudos to the artist, and I’d really love to own this shirt in future…just not if I can’t see the print on the fabric. =[

s1m0n s1m0n Human

Print some more M and L pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

ZOSO1 ZOSO1 Artist from United States

REPRINT! this is amazing

Yogin Yogin Human

I bought this tee long ago, and i got many tees already from DHB but this one is my best really I LOVE IT, i love to wear it…
ITS MY BEST TEE EVER, i really would like to thank you very much and i want more that reflect same style elegent and smart and soooo UNIQUE and more indians hehehehe
Thanks again,

jthane jthane Human

I bought this shirt a while back and I love it. I actually wear it quite frequently!

The gray doesn’t stand out a lot on the gray, true, but i think that’s part of the design magic.

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