nqbus2288 nqbus2288 Human


benny benny Artist

hilarious, noway they weren’t printing that

bambooska bambooska Human

no mediums…?
I’ll order this and my other shirt when I can get it in a medium..

Marik Marik Artist

Oeh love it!

raylee06 raylee06 Artist

o i would love a medium

kray0n kray0n Human


soleil soleil Human

Nooo. reprint on size S?

PaC0910 PaC0910 Human


yebellz yebellz Human

awesome! reprint the small please??

fretka fretka Human

I would like to have one as well, but S :-(

ca1amity ca1amity Human

Small or Medium, I don’t care at this point as I must own this shirt!

ableslayer ableslayer Artist

love it. very nice concept!

yebellz yebellz Human

could some one notify me if they do a reprint in men’s size small? just send leave me a profile comment

zhalfirin zhalfirin Human

my fav shirt ive seen here

lookin good but can u change the colors of the shirts of na

saam saam Artist

haha =) omg check this:
(ur design is super cute)

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