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cool work…please check out my “Resemblance” submission and my Fleetwood Mac tee…

nice work+1
check my xork please

nice drawing!

those lines
+1, hit me too!!!

i second that tahar.

cool work I like yhe linework ! great

Thanks everyone! This being my first design submission I wasn’t really hoping any attention :) So this is very encouraging.

lovely illustration….+1,
check out my work ‘SeahorseFlight’ & vote if you like

wow, nice linework

hey nice artwerk. try resubmitting with the shirt placement & you’ll definitely get more votes. +1

very nice+1

nice line work…..but how come no placement? anyways….still looks good…voted!+1

Beautiful! +1!

Vote for my shirt “Christ The Redeemer” as well!


@ronna15 and @wotto : yeah, you’re right about the placement – I completely missed it – was in a hurry to post before the date closed :p [ Large print was the idea ] Thanks!

interesting. voted

its really nice,.but weres the placement?(i suggest large print maybe?)+1 anyway…(check out my page and maybe comment and vote for my design:particularly the adarna bird,.well yeah,.thanks…)


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