is this a shirt yet? can i buy it yet? can i buy like 8? yet? how about now?

_edg_ _edg_ Human

I agree with dollysheep and others who say the glasses need to go. B&W, smaller print size, and black glasses if you can’t get yourself to remove them altogether — those little tweaks make this a sure buy.

so funny !!

lol, the pink glasses ARE unnecessary, in fact keep it simple and make the whole thing b&W… i love this. PRINT PRINT!

MadGreek MadGreek Human

Keep it in b&w—-looks like a woodcut textbook drawing.

KBShakedown KBShakedown Artist


atomichild atomichild Artist from United States


aliadotony aliadotony Artist from Costa Rica

somehow this is hilarious beyond words

gultskra gultskra Artist

just wow! thats cool, but i dont like b/w. make it colored version

elmarq elmarq Human

i want to wear this!

ryozilla ryozilla Artist from United States

thats funny, i almost think that the pink glasses are unnecessary

gcjo182 gcjo182 Artist

AWESOMENESS! and no way of making it smaller… just put the design a little bit higher on the chest. And… KEEP THE GLASSES! a frinkin’ delicious detail!

anshar anshar Artist

omg this is so creative! I would love to own this t-shirt :o

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