ohmygould ohmygould Human

thar you go man

ohhh myyy gaawwddd it’s like he’s in four dimensions at onceee…

tomba tomba Human

i kinda like the text, but that’s me, all texty and everything….

ShantMan ShantMan Human

Dude this totally reaches out to me. I live beyond all time. TIME!

bortwein bortwein Artist from Pennsylvania, United States

lose the Text.

olffej7 olffej7 Human


sandpiperrr sandpiperrr Artist

little late for that one, but i felt the text was necessary for it.
However, i have taken this comment to heart and am designing images for future posts which revolve around more of a visual message.
thanks for the critique, it helps

thniper_1 thniper_1 Human

ey roos next time make a kermie shirt

kennyb kennyb Artist

i agree…lose the text.

sandpiperrr sandpiperrr Artist

thanks guys


I love.

lluis lluis Human

good job man keep it up

Me no get it

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