Heinrich Heinrich Human

Reminds me of Aronofsky’s Fountain. Ridiculously elaborate sketch, especially the linework/shading. Must have taken you forever to do this. Good job.

pomelon pomelon Artist

muy bueno

alvarejo alvarejo Artist

great man! genial, me parece muy bueno

yeaaa yeaaa Artist

Very cool design! i whish this goes on a t-shirt, good luck

ditsurima ditsurima Artist

thanks a lot for the comments :D

evilruins evilruins Human

yeah, Indu syle.. i can fell it. Nice job

Print this!!

pantufla pantufla Artist from Santiago, Chile

like it!


Kohnbred Kohnbred Artist

This is ill.

cmarts cmarts Artist from Indonesia

man..that’s really cool!

flyk flyk Artist

calm~ : >

anamama anamama Human

WOW, i love the concept congratz.

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