mr_artisto mr_artisto Artist

hey i really like the gray one also, but i posted a new t-shirt design, check it out and give me your thoughts.

the teal and gray snaps my socks

xoxo xoxo Human

nice one!

i voted for it, but personally i think this design goes way too far and i’m concerned for the sanity of anyone who buys or WEARS it. Good luck though… I think you have a lot of talent, especially in the shoulder area.

Jirel Jirel Human

WOW!!! Holy Cow that was a great change! I love the vibrant color of the bottom one. I’m really curious how this will come out printed. Please Print!

whit55 whit55 Human

Nice changes, a design that goes with ant color, Wonderfull

hippiefever hippiefever Artist

wow, look very nice on tee!

Not bad but I’d prefer if your first version was printed.

like the blue as well.

ronna15 ronna15 Artist from United States

awesome!i like the blue one a lot!! +1(check out my page and maybe comment and vote for my design:particularly the adarna bird,.well yeah,.thanks…)

Gozz Gozz Artist

I like this, not too sure which color though, I’m leaning more toward the top right, I think the bottom one has too much color & you can’t really see what’s going on.

Bull Bull Artist

great job!
it is very cool
+1 voted

I really like the second color option. :D

Amped23 Amped23 Human

this is sweeet!!!

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