Majito Majito Human

Está Genial… Felicitaciones, Es El Mejor… :D

charagray charagray Human

nice work

Felicitaciones, es el Mejorrrrrrr!!!!!

incuGuS incuGuS Human

I believe this is more than a t-shirt, it has spirit, color, expression. This is a true design.

ditsurima ditsurima Artist

wow amazing

Verry nice now get a job!!!

Rosi Rosi Human

¡¡¡ Muy Lindo !!! ¡¡¡ Te Felicito !!!

Rosario Rosario Human

¡¡¡ Está Exelente… Te Felicito !!! =D

-apy- -apy- Artist

lol…it seems all your friends vote for you :)

jeannett jeannett Human

espectacular felicitaciones es el mejor!!!!!

ckoelle ckoelle Artist

where’s her nose?

maucari maucari Human

encaraste pibe. aguante lo simetrico

ElBrian ElBrian Human

Very cool design, i hope that they print this one. Good Luck.

W_of_Wich W_of_Wich Human

the beauty framed in a cool design…prety good!

pelh70 pelh70 Human

very cool, yeaaa

Very original and very well done.

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