getsitdou getsitdou Human

Markwahlberg has a right to his opinions. Leave him be. He smells a rat, trust your feelings. This “remix” looks like a straight jack to me.

wanna know whats going on in your head…very cool stuff..different…+1 from me,
do vote for my design ‘SeahorseFlight’

en3r0 en3r0 Artist

Nice Design!

meltzu meltzu Human

get a life. markwahlburg, and then you won’t have to busy yourself trashing others. this artist has huge talent and by your foul comments it appears you are only a parasite feeding off the talent of others


I agree with an above comment…balance of opposing forces, a timless theme illustrated through the image of a meditating human…


kbendl kbendl Human

judging from the way you insult people, you are pretty insecure about your own talents. Design means pushing boundaries, and its people like you who are stuck in the dark ages of novel and innovative design, but by all means prove us wrong, post some of your shirt ideas, which i’m sure are far superior to the “have assed” designs on this so uncool website that you happen to check so frequently. One more thing wahllybear, but do you kiss your mother with that foul mouth of yours, good luck with the ladies I suggest not using language like that on your eharmony page.

not everyones submissions. just the ones i dont like. i didnt call the designer of this shirt an asshole, im saying they are being an asshole about half assing this. the placement looks dumb. if you are going to go that big, then go fucking huge. dont bother with this half assed only filling the front of the shirt and then having two random rectangular shapes at the top on either side.

if there was more cool designs on this website, i would have more positive things to say. criticism is criticism is cruel if you are taking everything personally like a bunch of cunts

very nice not my style but credit needs to be served where it is due and don’t worry about markwahlberg. i’ve notice that he seems to have negative comments about nearly everybody’s submissions. but back to important matters great job +1

Kevin2008 Kevin2008 Human

Wow! It manages to look both tortured and peaceful simultaneously. Neat!

kbendl kbendl Human

one for me i like it :) and there’s no need to be calling people you dont know assholes while voting Marky mark.

half assed it have assed it same thing

i hate the placement its like you have assed it. it could have been really cool if you spent more time not being an asshole about it

si-ajidz si-ajidz Artist

nice I like Skulls…
+1 From me Dude..
Could You check MY vintGe Design..
i Hope YOu like IT..

meltzu meltzu Human

Wow! I want one! I want one! It is an amazingly true and fluid fusion of Eastern philosophy and today’s street culture. I love it!

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