dynatious dynatious Human

Extremely badass.

cmarts cmarts Artist from Indonesia

good job +1

del_core del_core Artist

i really want vote u

Ceddyishman Ceddyishman Artist

This is amazing. I like to give constructive comments, so I think the house could have blended in better. +1 for the awesome work.

Gozz Gozz Artist

Very cool.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

like it

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

This is an amazing design, and simply well done, has to be a print so I can get it

bortwein bortwein Artist from Pennsylvania, United States

very nice. +1

mike_l mike_l Human


supTINO supTINO Artist

this is so sick! +1


MasterControl MasterControl Artist from The Grid, United States

This done really well. Very cool design. +1

a_mar_illo a_mar_illo Artist from Spain

this is dope, can I have pink and blue but on cream shirt, please?

thiagob thiagob Artist

omg… very very very niceee

Love this. Voted.

Tees Tees Artist

I always love your work! +1:)

yonil yonil Artist from Israel

tastyhills – it is hand drawn for the most part of it (the landscape, hands, house). after i scan it i add some splatters (got a whole folder filled with scanned splatters i did :)), some textures and colors.

thanx everyone for the kind words. so glad you like it :)

muttley muttley Artist from Philippines

cool! voted. :D

Kingstoilette Kingstoilette Artist from Germany

thats really cool, and i like that it is an
all-over print….+1

whyball whyball Artist from Romania

this is awesome !

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