Eupfhoria Eupfhoria Human

^ yes, I would buy this shirt right away, if I could get it in black size M. In fact I just found this site recently and that’s the biggest problem I’ve seen; everything seems to only be in S or XL. I’d be buying some stuff, but I want it to actually fit, ya know?

OwlNuts OwlNuts Artist

grey medium please

Dcraze Dcraze Artist

Great Shirt!

saeedm saeedm Human

Do shirts get re-printed often? I wanted to get a black medium :(

I like the shirt, i actually got it for xmas yesterday, lol, so yeah, its really nice!

loungeparadise loungeparadise Human from Canada

Is it possible to order this in L?

aletorre13 aletorre13 Artist

just got my white t-shirt, it’s actually cooler than the picture… great!

keviiin keviiin Artist from Berlin, Germany


mavann mavann Human

I just found this site today. Is there any chance of a reprint in black medium? :(

“I just found this site today. Is there any chance of a reprint in black medium? :(”

x2 :(

OwlNuts OwlNuts Artist


Calles Calles Human

Reprint Black Large!

Calles Calles Human

Reprint Black!

trige trige Artist

i wonder why dbh still not printing black large?

fu- i want some different sizes! i cant wear an xxl

:( get some LARGES in!

Inrxz Inrxz Artist

Needs a reprint desperately! ):
black male’s in medium or small, please.
I want to surprise somebody by ordering all of the shirts they like from this site and it’s not going to be complete with this shirt. You’re shirts are the best they deserve to have more reprints! :)

iijasd iijasd Human

i quite like the white print. mine arrived just recently

Zaiakai Zaiakai Human

My all time favorite shirt. Ever.
I wear it as often as I can! Awesome work.
I love it so much I’m thinking about getting the white one as well!~


sacquef sacquef Artist from Peru

this design needs perfect tee asap

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