just seen the original design for this shirt. i thought this shirt was cool til i saw that! man that is sick!! surely you gotta get that design printed it’s epic!!

absolutely one of the coolest shirts (men’s white large), that I’ve ever owned! Thanks for the great design!

the guys color is terrible

It’s true, this would have looked so much better on a white or even black tee, what a shame

Bring Black Back!!

PLEASE reprint this as it was when it won the 10K, black shirt, and tons of colors in the sun! :)

I got this in small right when it first came to print, and it’s starting to thin and fray beause I’ve worn it way more than any other shirt.. so I hope this is restocked soon so I can just buy a new one. (:


reprint black

ummmm reprint black

I’ve been wanting this for over a year. :( Reprint?

My favourite shirt ever— and the ex boyfriend stole it from me (well, he’s not returning it!) sad panda I am. Please please reprint soon! (girl small :D) xo~

The black and red version looked so sick, if that were to print I’d buy it in a flash.

reprint black or red

I agree with everyone else here. Reprint in black. It’s too sexy to not do it.

The black artwork one looks amazing! Can you reprint that one? A lot of people are willing to buy it.

Where’d the black option go????? I know it was sold out, but it was always more, now it’s gone.

Maybe it’ll reprint soon, eh DBH???!!!!!

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