So that is the origin of the “cold to neutralize effect of arousal” theory.

StreetTunes StreetTunes Artist

Woah.sick design! i like it.+1 =D, plz hit my entries up with a comment or a vote.

henna henna Artist

wow, it’s nice illustration, i really like, +, could move illustration up a bit ??? :)

io_tee io_tee Artist from East Coast, Singapore

wow! stunning work!

cbass99 cbass99 Artist from California, United States


Trob Trob Human

Love this one.

GrosPlante GrosPlante Artist

You’re right… I need that T-shirt! +1

novus novus Artist

amazing!! +1

Tees Tees Artist

Love +1

muttley muttley Artist from Philippines

cool! voted +1

Kevin2008 Kevin2008 Human

This is great! I love the old fashioned, formal style. Great design it must have taken a lot of work.

weird but cool

dudley53 dudley53 Human

Always like your vintage look.

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