BeadlerWorks BeadlerWorks Artist from NY, United States

nice and simple


congrats on the print!...wohoooooo!!!=D

Griff81 Griff81 Artist

OolongTee-Yummy said:
Griff81 said: I’ve always liked purple, but it’s seems to be a pretty hot color right now (it’s the new pink, ha)I’m suprised they didn’t do purple for guys..
I’m not surprised. The fact of the matter is that Purple tees won’t sell as well as a Black tees (for Men anyways). Purple is seen as more of a “feminine” color. What I’m trying to say is, you’re a sissy girl! :D jk jk :p

I like the black tee. I might buy this in the near future!

I guess it could be seen as a feminine color, but honestly I don’t know why .. have you( not you specifically, “You” as the reader) ever asked yourself why you think purple is a feminine color? If you think about it, Purple is just Blue + Red, and neither of those is feminine last time I checked. I mean pink is always been seen as a feminine color as well, which is just Red + White.. from an artist standpoint it’s just another color, in a large spectrum of colors. logically it doesn’t make sense why one would perceive a certain color as having qualities belonging to a specific gender . Stop and ask yourself what is that makes a certain color feminine or, why is it you think it is feminine…

It because that’s what our society views it as, it’s another status quo perpetrated to oppress or suppress others….that’s the same reason people accept their religions as the absolute truth without ever questioning it.. it’s just always been that way, so that’s how it must be, no one ever stops to think why..

... it’s the same chauvinistic viewpoint that fosters the ideas that men should have short hair, women are inferior to men and belong in the home, earrings are for girls. etc these ideas have remained in some part today, passed down from generation to generation

If you ask me , I agree with the old saying “ it takes a real man to wear pink” and go against the societal norms…,not to mention the Pink Dinosaur T is one of the best selling Tees on DBH, and maybe one of the coolest tees I have ever seen.

Sorry for the serious message..I know the message was in good fun… that’s is just something that has always bothered me….

Oh and on the flip side…. Are there any colors that are to “manly” for women…..

Griff81 Griff81 Artist

side note.. I forgot to add that color theorist have not been able to come up with a plausible reason pink is considered a feminine color, but some speculate it can be linked back to use of the pink triangle back in the twentieth century by Nazi Germany…..

nicksimon nicksimon Artist

Congrats Setup. Looks ill!

enser enser Human

Looks even better in person.

Mattj7 Mattj7 Human

I’m wearing it right now. I LOVE IT.

I bought this shirt. 8) Can’t wait for it to be delivered!

Awesome shirt! I received it in the mail. Maybe its just my LCD monitor but the shirt on DBH looks like it has light Bluish Gray streaks going across the black shirt. But when you receive the shirt the streaks are dark gray.

I love the shirt but I wish DBH would more accurately portray their t-shirt designs.

bennz bennz Artist from New Zealand

wore this for the first time yesterday. love it man, nice work

Madeen Madeen Artist


plz vote my first ever design

mwace mwace Human

Looking forward to a reprint.

Trodden Trodden Human

this shirt was jacked from me in prague, dying for a reprint..

Sketch Sketch Artist from Swansea, United Kingdom

Another shirt I like but is sold out in my sizes. Reprint? :)

bennz bennz Artist from New Zealand

Love this shirt and had it stolen. Would love a reprint!

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