shou shou Human

cool design

K_Sisia K_Sisia Artist

I understand what Kaizenick is saying about placement. You have mad illustration skills, they just need pushed down a stair or two and you will be so there! voted.

SHIFTYrebel SHIFTYrebel Artist

+1, love the horror movies, would rock it

playmoo playmoo Artist

excellent ! voted !

Kaizenick Kaizenick Artist

it’s a cool concept – but try to stretch it out and make it into an actual composition as opposed to just ‘a rectangle on the shirt.’ I realize that there’s an element of feeling like it’s retro/underground, but part of the creativity lies in the overall placement of images on the ‘canvas’ – I like the concept of Vampire babes from space… but the visual has to be more than just a drawing of a pale chick in a bikini…


theRidolf theRidolf Artist

that was intentional

You have a typo… it’s S-L-A-Y-E-R. otherwise, fun.

shantyshawn shantyshawn Artist from New York, United States

Love them cheesy b-movies!

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