muggins muggins Human

This design is epic in scale! Excellent work!

i really like your logo ;j
this design isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but it’s really cool nevertheless.

_edg_ _edg_ Human

The entire final five are all great but I only voted for my two favorites. Good luck, Jimmy!

Hopefully DBH will print all five, these artists really produced some amazing work.

love ya jimiyo!

matteyer matteyer Human from Pennsylvania, United States


congrats on the print at tee fury today

absolutely fabulous work, jimi. ya know i love yer stuff!

enin enin Human

best of luck, jimiyo!

auggie24 auggie24 Human

totally awesome jimiyo. good luck on the win (not that I think you need luck with all of your mad skillz)!

xhila xhila Artist

jimiyo is my lover

madcow madcow Human from MD, United States

Truly awesome…hope it prints!

asdafkid asdafkid Human

your work is soo legit

asdafkid asdafkid Human

your work is soo legit

I love it! I don’t want any money but to have the original artwork would be an absolute honor! I’ll even settle for a shirt, LOL


awesome use of colours man i love it …..

snarkygal snarkygal Human

I think of all the designs of yours that I have seen (and I own 5 or 6 of them), this is my favorite. Jimi, you are just awesome!

kdeuce kdeuce Artist from United States

solid. good luck.

I’ve always loved Jimiyo’s sketches, this one reminds me of the game TitanQuest.

Is it wrong that the ram looks the scariest to me?

dotd420 dotd420 Human


dude I hope you win I love this, and i want it printed so i can buy it.

Totally got my vote.

Kaiazu Kaiazu Artist

awesome! got my vote!!!

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