Go go go jimiyo!

Webgrrl Webgrrl Artist from Australia

Voted! All Your drawings are amazing. Thank you for sharing your works with the world and keeping your part in Art :) g’day from australia!

HIS IS AMAZING it is an amazing design on top of that its an amazing color,

Alexakiss Alexakiss Human

Your work is absolutely amazing in it’s details! I could study this everyday and see something I’d never seen before.

artates1 artates1 Human

I love this design! Every time I look at it, I see something new!

sariavo sariavo Human


Worth the vote – when can I buy it?

romance222 romance222 Artist

You got my vote

Bold homie. BOLD.

sozoones sozoones Human

this is wow!


+1, I little Busy but still pretty nice!

this is amazing!!

spence3020 spence3020 Artist

Amazingly detailed.

Nonda Nonda Artist

brilliant vote

UVSoaked UVSoaked Artist

of course i voted for you! sick design man

t-hawk t-hawk Artist

if u dont win ..then and asteroid is gona hit earth and well u know the rest..

Satchel Satchel Artist

This is quite possibly the coolest design ever conceived by human kind! Love it!

RagsLax4 RagsLax4 Human

Amazing design jimi! By far the best pencil sketch i have ever seen. hope it wins!

ashurian ashurian Human

Nasty nightmarish works! Though I would love it even more if there are more details on the warrior’s face – more twisted. But overall, I love the illustration and the detailing on the shades. Great job!

tmhag tmhag Human

Friggin sweet

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