bibou bibou Human

very good !!!

Jeremy Jeremy Human

very well!! I love the colors and the fact that the drops go in the back and on with dimensions one! very original the idea of the heart! well ^^

binou binou Human

Il gagne je l’achete obliger !!!

riku riku Human

Oh my god.

It’s really beautiful!!!

patachou patachou Human

Trop bien !!!!

marinee marinee Human

Nice! The heart is cool +1

miaou22 miaou22 Human

Cool +1 !

yungedin yungedin Human


creepstian creepstian Artist


i like a lot, yoour color palletes,

just one thing

i would take off the strokes

anyway, your voted

Killian Killian Human

very pretty and original. The idea of the heart in the middle of the spots of color is rather original. Well!

Nanou Nanou Human

very beautiful!! j’ like much the colors and the heart in the medium.is very original! cheer

Mariion Mariion Human

i love the colors !! ^^ it’s beautiful, continue thus

Nanouu Nanouu Human

i like yhe design and the colors
very good ! ^^

xiaobaosg xiaobaosg Artist from Singapore


TBone TBone Artist

i like the concept. and the placement works for the design

DeadRight DeadRight Artist

Really nice use of color. love it.

gagoule gagoule Human

the drowing is original !! very good

i liked it better when i saw it on the shirt

cloudysky cloudysky Human

yeah! excellent!
love placement!

tamiagon tamiagon Human

great design!
like it!

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