ir0cko ir0cko Human

love it

alexmdc alexmdc Artist

cool +1

lordog lordog Human

this design needs to be printed…such a clever use of clear metallic!

Haha, I’ll have to vote for such a clever idea.

zipperking zipperking Artist

AWESOME! thanks everyone!

Chris: that’s crazy man. I went to AHC too, but really doesn’t everyone :)

ChrisOmlor ChrisOmlor Artist

nice design, i used to live in santa maria, allen hancock college :) 1+

ronna15 ronna15 Artist from United States

haha..clever +1(please check out my page and vote some if u lyk it,TNX!!) c=

I like it!!!

campkatie campkatie Artist from Georgia, United States

yes! so clever. i hope to see this printed here. +1

aweseome +1

hi-eskimo hi-eskimo Artist

you got my vote!

i like this~

Pilch Pilch Artist

Clever. Well done.

yonil yonil Artist from Israel

nice idea.

againstbound againstbound Artist from Mexico

Yes!!! +1

hege hege Artist

hehehe, very cool

melostar melostar Artist

simple yeah…love it…check out my design

aaahaha LOVE IT! :D

alexmdc alexmdc Artist

congrats mr zipperking!

sacquef sacquef Artist from Peru

I just need to stare at this at least once a day.

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