minotaure minotaure Artist

SO beautiful! i love anything cosmic, like my shirt “stone sequence gray” check it out.

dcdesigns dcdesigns Artist

I like it! +1!

Also vote for my shirt “Christ The Redeemer!”


en3r0 en3r0 Artist

Nice design =D

Beekei Beekei Artist

really really nice effect! +1

noxdesign noxdesign Human


You too could make this shirt, the tutorial that he used is right here : abduzeedo(dot)com/space-lighting-effects-10-steps-photoshop-tutorial

this is by far the prettiest design i’ve seen on here so far.

kwodlum kwodlum Human

wicked awesome

si-ajidz si-ajidz Artist

nice work dude..i really like this one..
great job..+1 from me
could you check my first design
i hope you like my stuff..

ianjoy ianjoy Artist

lol. really nice one! +1 for me.

ChrisOmlor ChrisOmlor Artist

that’s nice, that would be a cool print too

Riflyart Riflyart Human


Its a pretty slick design, I’m loving the composition. Voted, for extreme cool.

Stevolcom Stevolcom Artist

HELL YES! i love this type of editing so sick!!!! +1
i hope i can buy this=]

artschool artschool Artist

i would wear.

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