mikefriedrich mikefriedrich Artist from Germany

awesome print!!! congrats.

deadhippo deadhippo Human from Okinawa, Japan

Another question…is it supposed to by spelled “flyier”?

deadhippo deadhippo Human from Okinawa, Japan

What not again?

Ameeee Ameeee Artist

Looks great, I’m digging the ben-day-ish dots. I’ll have to pick this one up I think. Congrats!

Not quite sure how this got printed compared to some of my favourites which never got inked, but congrats on the win! Its a wholesome style indeed. GJ~

biteintoacloud biteintoacloud Artist from United States

i don’t really get it. But congrats nonetheless

I would love this more if it didnt have those dots as the border. It makes it seem confined. That feeling is the only thing keeping me from ordering this right now.

ams1327 ams1327 Artist

This was Awesome dude…+1

i reallly want this in XXL but its sold out :(

amazing design though, congrats!

oathsoblivion oathsoblivion Artist from CA, United States

amazing design, sorry if this is a bit late but i find it comical about that anyone would comment on spelling considering… that people mispell stuff all the time, even with business names etc. like xtreme… skool.. etc. etc. so in reality, does it really matter that much? :P

I wish i could of had the honor of voting for this but i had a quick question, is this shirt dark grey or just black, i can’t quiet tell.

I would love to have this shirt. Sadly all the mediums are sold out.

Indeed. We need a set of re-prints. Especially for the larger sizes. Us tall boys need some stylish love too.

aps234 aps234 Human

Sign me up for the re-print train too!! I’d love to have this shirt, but seeing as how I’m relatively new to DBH, I missed it by about a year!

this shirt needs attention! Reprint

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