laili_ laili_ Artist


Sorenr Sorenr Human

this is great. i would buy one.

joehoracek joehoracek Artist from Nebraska, United States

that’d be a good one! I had a hard time thinking up a name for this one..

ChrisOmlor ChrisOmlor Artist

That’s cool, should’ve named it “I WANT YOU TO VOTE FOR ME!”. Good illustration 1+

Gozz Gozz Artist


trixx trixx Artist

american dream

The colour scheme is jazzy.

brokentoys brokentoys Artist

Big, bold, beautiful. Just like the icon itself. Size and placement makes it. no words necessary.

burnoneLTD burnoneLTD Artist from Korea, Republic of

nicely done! I like the shadowing and placement. would vote but can’t..

gibbs019 gibbs019 Artist

work them colors.

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