yonil yonil Artist from Israel


thats a wild idea keep thinking out loud

enthos enthos Human

WOW. very ambitious print. very well executed. VOTED!

Oiseau Oiseau Artist

Nice agreed with the_Jcw

word the design is sick, but play with color schemes.

malicho malicho Artist from United States

thanks for the comments and suggestions. i agree, i really dont like the black shirt, i have quite a few more color ideas for it.

GoonHand GoonHand Artist

hell ya dogg this shirt is pimp, voted, don’t forget to check out my entry’s

MrBubbs MrBubbs Artist

This is amazing but I think the black is too overwhelming. I’d like to see it done with a tonal approach on tan or brown.

alexmdc alexmdc Artist

I like it better on that brown, good illo tho

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

very cool idea, I am not sure about the black and white. I would actually prefer less contrast. I do like what he is holding

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