pomelon pomelon Artist


really lovely

all ur design are amazing but this is my favorite!!

by the way, the combination of colors are u used are the best!

truK truK Human

D: How come you 3 sisters are so talented?!

pollyanna pollyanna Human

Intense, imaginative, and not lacking in any passion!

-apy- -apy- Artist

I love the colors, the drawing, the placement :)

mikky05v mikky05v Human

wow, you’re work is beautiful. I wish i had something made by such a talented artist…. something like.. say a graduation card? that would be cool. ;)

Chadwick Chadwick Human

this is great work. i have seen other work by this artist. she is simply amazing.

jaokeki jaokeki Human

i’d buy this, i lurve the colors

PeenLoon PeenLoon Artist

Your work makes me happy.

ladykat ladykat Human

Wow, very cool!

elmarq elmarq Human

cool stuff

he he its good.

flyk flyk Artist

thank you guys : D ~

io_tee io_tee Artist from East Coast, Singapore

nice style

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