vianacidd vianacidd Artist from yogyakarta, Indonesia


urireyes urireyes Artist from California, United States

Awesome! +1

skaryllska skaryllska Artist from Cebu City, Philippines

gotta love the details.. +1!!

BAWROS BAWROS Artist from Indonesia

NICE art

massha10 massha10 Human from United States

I would not actually buy and wear it, seeing how TARDIS is half broken. As much as I love the artwork, remember – all the hordes of Genghis Khan could not open its doors – a mere puny T-Rex should not be able to bite it in half. I voted for you though. If you redrew it with TARDIS intact, I would. Well, maybe people who dislike Doctor Who would buy it the way it is… Is this why you drew it that way, because you do not like it?

zsyd zsyd Artist from Cebu, Philippines

great work dude! print=1

KennethP91 KennethP91 Human from New Zealand

very cool +1

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

@massha10 I believe this is a parody idea taken from Jurassic Park. When the T-Rex bites the port-a-potty in half. It’s a funny design and I am sure DrSpazmo was just having some fun with a concept and not being down on DrWho.

DrSpazmo DrSpazmo Artist from CA, United States

Wotto is absolutely correct. I love Dr Who! I only made the Tardis being devoured because it was a spoof of the Jurassic Park lawyer/toilet scene. Plus, from an illustration perspective, it is much more interesting to have it breaking apart than sitting there in one piece. I’m sure, though, that the tardis is somehow playing a trick on the T Rex and is actually devouring it instead.

apage apage Artist from Indonesia

awesome !!!

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