KitKing KitKing Artist from Canada

glad to be a part of such a great contest :)

Afjelnseth Afjelnseth Human from Sweden

I think of this drawing everytime I come across and slay a Fallen in-game haha. So badass!

na2isnana na2isnana Human from United States

Only registered to vote for you! I’m not fam/friend just a fan of your amazing ability to turn hand drawn pictures to appear 3D…good luck to you!

Alexandrinul Alexandrinul Artist from Romania


mangosmoothie mangosmoothie Human from United States

I love your work kit king. :-)

Manticore7 Manticore7 Artist from United States

For those debating whether or not this is a copy, I’ll just leave this here for comparison. Credit where credit is due.

Phroilan Gardner:

KitKing KitKing Artist from Canada

Thank you muchly. I appreciate the support.

catnfood catnfood Human from United States

only one vote per acct :(

catnfood2 catnfood2 Human from United States

another vote😸

noahlando1 noahlando1 Human from United States

there you go you’re awesome

RedIron RedIron Artist from Netherlands

+1 vote +1 coin for you

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