neil95 neil95 Artist from United States

I’m sorry to say it this way, but it feels like you put very little effort into this. It seems like you just found an oddly-coloured pigeon photograph and copy+pasted it. In fact, I’m not sure how this even made it to the voting page as the DBH 101 states that “Designs that are just randomly copied and pasted will not be accepted.”

Designing something amazing is never an easy process. I’m sure that if you really invest some time and effort, you can come up with something great.

kristofcserhati kristofcserhati Artist from Hungary

Ty for ur comment, though im very happy it made the vote page, I’ll definetly try to create better shirts. Any tips are appreciated.

maxruddock maxruddock Artist from United Kingdom

they are obviously still learning, not everyone starts out great, to perfect art it takes time! maybe this was copied and pasted, but maybe it wasn’t, if it made it to the vote page then let it be!

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