Winardi Winardi Artist from Indonesia

YESSSS PLEASE!!! :D Hahahahah +1VOTE

buyo18 buyo18 Artist from MN, Nicaragua


Mrio Mrio Human from Massachusetts, United States

haha so cool! Print!

daletheskater daletheskater Artist from Australia

very rad!

Ingkong Ingkong Artist from Philippines

very cool

clingcling clingcling Artist from Bohol, Philippines

wow nice!

dzeri29 dzeri29 Artist from Manila, Philippines


JCMaziu JCMaziu Artist from Spain, Spain


RoSCreatures RoSCreatures Artist from Italy

very nice! +1

xvampireprince xvampireprince Human from United States

Really great theme here. I think if you’d make the cookie monster a little bit bigger, more abstractish (blend in with shirt), and remove or edit the cookie from his hand…..you got it. Maybe have the background involve cookies? Love the creep factor you got going with this design. +1 for unique design concept.

castello castello Artist from Spain

My idea is just that, the monster comes out of the shadows and this is integrated with the shirt … and I think I got it right?. The color of the shirt is part of the shadows of the character.

The point of light comes slightly from below, hence the cookie is a little dark … But yes, you could try to clarify the cookie …

This design is originally large and can occupy the entire front of the shirt.

Thank you very much for your suggestions :)

urireyes urireyes Artist from California, United States

he looks so creepy!!!!! , love the use of highlights and shadows +1

GRANDR GRANDR Artist from Italy


jrtoyman jrtoyman Artist from Quezon City, Philippines

Cool! +1

magallanes magallanes Artist from ca, United States


StuGio StuGio Artist from Mauritius

Castello is that blueberry cookie?! :) +1 vote..!

castello castello Artist from Spain

hehehe… I guess you say because of the color. Well, maybe, this eater likes all kinds of cookies.

Thanks to all :)

lamborghini lamborghini Artist from United States

this is A creepy cool shirt!!! it’s Awesome

SpongeBat SpongeBat Artist from Portugal

Very nice! Great work :D

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