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I am the danger! I am a fan.

This is such an amazing shirt, like I don’t want it. I NEED IT. I hope it prints so I can add this to my favorite collection.

Pretty fricken well drawn. Out of interest may I ask was this drawn from support photography for the show or from a still/freeze frame (ultra clear!) of the show? Any real close detail shots of this drawing would be great to see, especially that beard

portrait great


awesome skill

This is an incredible portrait. But – are you going to get into legal trouble if this does print?

@MrFourFingers: thanks, it’s drawn from one of the promo shots for season 5. I did a rough outline of the various shaded areas and a few details and then eyeballed it from there. here’s a little timelapse gif of the process, it’s 38 frames and i largely stopped using the outline to place things about 9 frames in… WIP GIF

i’ll also get some close up shots and post them later today…i didn’t think to do it in the actual submission…

@massha10: i’m really not sure…i’d assume it’s up to DBH’s discretion whether or not it’s a problem….I was actually surprised it got accepted…I’ll just see how it goes…

Amazing skill…

im a huge heisenberg prson! awesome art.

Man,you got over the top skills..just look at those details.

Yes, this is so skillfull, dangerous sk1ll, very adorable artwork..

wow! this is amazing! Very clean and well-rendered. mad skills! :)

Really great !!!+1

Holy! sick fine art! +1

Wow this looks amazing.

amazing artwork !!

thanks for all the votes and comments guys, it’s much appreciated :)

here’s some little closeups of a few areas around the drawing…

and an embed of the timelapse gif

WOW! That detail is incredible.

To answer a question I honestly do not know where we would stand printing this, they probably have the characters ‘likeness’ copyrighted but we could definitely look into that.

I’d love to see this kind of rendering done for a more fantasy character, some warrior or creature. Or maybe a Samurai. Anyway you have skills and I look forward to seeing what else you bring to Design By Humans. Welcome.

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