ooo, nice! I like the colored version but the black & white is my fave!


Finally a good/well done yellow t-shirt!

marchebet marchebet Human

I’m glad you’re back! Well, like I totally love all your works of course that i’ll vote for this one too! I’d simply loved that little tamagotchi that you’d submited a long time ago! But this one is so impressive!!! You’re in a long way of evolution!

Hope it get printed!

kisses, honey.


joe234 joe234 Human

Nice use of color! I’d totally buy it!

Pilch Pilch Artist


I need this! Man the colors are great!

adrpsi adrpsi Human


Looks great on the shirt! I loved the two versions!

I loved it! Print, print, print!!!

murilobenza murilobenza Artist

thanks “fallen_ph”. i’m glad you liked!

fallen_ph fallen_ph Artist

oh man! this has “winner” written all over it! nice one! voted!+1

Tees Tees Artist

nice work

Kate_Wine Kate_Wine Artist

Hehe, nice! Love both versions! Voted
Take a look at mine if you can, would like some comments :)

shelbyska shelbyska Human from New York, United States

ahhhh i love it!

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