jrtoyman jrtoyman Artist from Quezon City, Philippines

Very Cool!..voted. shall we say the last ninja. :-)

expo expo Artist from Mexico


orangpalsu orangpalsu Artist from Jakarta, Indonesia

Cool as always +1

namsing namsing Artist from Thailand

As alway Nice Design

GRANDR GRANDR Artist from Italy


mitch_dosdos mitch_dosdos Artist from cebu, Philippines


RedReaper RedReaper Artist from Poland

nice :D
Vote ;)

shihamanji shihamanji Artist from Philippines

really nice! +1

DPITT72 DPITT72 Artist from Pennsylvania, United States

Very Cool +1

MaDVeX MaDVeX Artist from NY, United States

Awesome!! +1

santoy santoy Artist from solo, Indonesia


kaizen kaizen Artist from Philippines


RedIron RedIron Artist from Netherlands


BobyGates BobyGates Artist from Romania

awesome work!+1

Jinnified Jinnified Human

that last ninja more like, but amazing work man

Rockyourbutt Rockyourbutt Human from Canada

Now, this is one good ninja design.

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