abstrasctik abstrasctik Artist

+1 vote
you have my vote for president of the united states of America!

hahah nah really awesome work i vote for it, plz go and share some love with mine VZ design too ;D

skyler skyler Artist

nice work+1 check out my VZ design let me know what you think.

Olympia Olympia Artist

Nice :)

xylentphree xylentphree Artist from Philippines

nice work! +1
hope you could visit mine, tnx

luvin this…

si-ajidz si-ajidz Artist

nice design
i really love this..
great job..
vote for U..
could you check my first design..
i hope you like it..

smydesign smydesign Artist

Nice mild touch…voted!

trixx trixx Artist

Nice work!!! I really like it… voted

MaDVeX MaDVeX Artist from NY, United States

mint colors and concept. heres a nice shiny new vote just for you…enjoy!

duba duba Artist

pastel! nice..voted

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

this is the first I noticed of this shirt…and for me as a guy i’m not to much into it as what I would wear, but as a girls shirt and for some guys this is very good, very well done…should have more votes

leeed leeed Artist

nice works !!! i really like this art.. could you check my profile

yazid_45 yazid_45 Artist

wow!!! i really like this art..
could you check my profile…
please see my unity throught art submission..
and play submission
hope you like it

Nice one! Voted!

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