triagus triagus Artist from Blora, Indonesia


Outcast84 Outcast84 Artist from Philippines

Thank you triagus!

CharcoalGreyArt CharcoalGreyArt Artist from Land of the Forgotten, Philippines

your style is cool

Outcast84 Outcast84 Artist from Philippines

Thanks charcoalgreyart! appreciate your support!

arace arace Artist from Indonesia


wagnogueira wagnogueira Artist from Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Very cool! +1

Outcast84 Outcast84 Artist from Philippines

thank you guys! thanks wagnoguiera greetings to you guys in Rio!

DPITT72 DPITT72 Artist from Pennsylvania, United States

I really like the transition as the color bleeds down! Very Cool +1

Carli Carli Artist from Denmark


chrijerasmus chrijerasmus Artist from Gauteng, South Africa
xvampireprince xvampireprince Human from United States

I’d love to buy this shirt even without the color in just black and white because it looks so good.

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