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very different, I like the honey type

is voting really necessary? we know they’re going to print this.

so sick

love how the hair flows


love it

amazing as always

i organized a party once with that title :D nice title!

hell yeah, honeyvoted!

oh man! thats a pretty cool shirt! voted to the power of Wooohooo! +1

holy shit +1

good fucking god, voted

I think that as you progress your work is becoming more fluid and organic, and it makes me tingly.

Epic win.

fresh! +1


thanks for the early peep.

i have a tutorial on how i went about designing this shirt with separations in mind on my blog. you cant post links here so just go to my website… ill put a link to the article on top. jimiyo dot com



wow…very cool design…+1
check out my design please give your vote

good one jimiyo! check out fisher of men and vote if you like. thx

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