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love the hair. voted. check out my design if you get the chance.

hehehe heinrichz. yeah, those shirts are going steady.

is this a kind of couple shirt :) hehehe
nice one

Great work~!

Amazing design! As usual.

love the lettering

Mucha is the man

gives me chub

Another great one.

i like it better that you cannot see her eyes

jimyo, nice work. got my vote for sure. v+

Really Nice depth & Texture, Great Job!

some new style it appears for you, at least of what I’ve seen of your previous work. this and the vices shirt are similarly well done. you have some incredible talent, man, keep it up! v+

I don’t get why you can’t see her eyes but I like it none the less. voted.

Great text, this rules!

good ol batch o sweet eye candy here +1

sweet as honey! +1

best i ever seen at DBH

Sweet job jimiyo!


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