daletheskater daletheskater Artist from Australia

The second colour scheme is amazing! I feel the placement is good but could be better if the outstretched wing ended under the sleeve. Just my opinion though! Good luck mate! :)

kharmazero kharmazero Artist from France

just wow!

CornyMistick CornyMistick Artist from United Kingdom

Kickass! +1

KennethP91 KennethP91 Human from New Zealand

amazing want it now +1

Alpha2Antagonist Alpha2Antagonist Artist from United States

Here’s the other color scheme with the design a bit smaller, allowing the entire length to fit sleeve to sleeve. My original idea was to have the head and neck take up the majority with the the two hands coming down on the shoulders. Glad you all like it!

zakihamdani zakihamdani Artist from Indonesia


Very cool!

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Sweet! Not sure about the placement though. +1

CosmicAnt CosmicAnt Artist from Planet Earth, Uruguay

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! 1 vote for you mate! check my design thanks!!

bandy bandy Artist from India


pbinnsdesign pbinnsdesign Artist from Ont, Canada

+1 nice job!

if you get a chance check mine out:

Kidsquidy Kidsquidy Artist from maharashtra, India


priyanshu priyanshu Artist from MUMBAI, India

great+1…............if u want ,u can vote for me by visiting my gallery

JoeConde JoeConde Artist from Philippines

this is so good bro!

Nepmud Nepmud Artist from Hessen, Germany

a support to get it print +1…. deserves it. Great work!

travelerRiver travelerRiver Artist from Bogota, Colombia

this is such an amazing work!!! dude, simply amazing…. just one vote because i cant give you as many as you deserve…. hope this print this :) +1

Alpha2Antagonist Alpha2Antagonist Artist from United States

Thanks for the continued support everyone :)

chrijerasmus chrijerasmus Artist from Gauteng, South Africa
wagnogueira wagnogueira Artist from Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Very cool! +1

fist444 fist444 Artist from Mexico

Amazing +1

Hey! Check my work, vote & feedback. Thanks.

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