graphicollapse graphicollapse Artist from garut, Indonesia


Carli Carli Artist from Denmark


ronin84 ronin84 Artist from bandung, Indonesia


B2rhom B2rhom Artist from Ohio, United States

That’s really cool :)
great job.

Williams1 Williams1 Artist from FL, United States

i really like this and the image makes this shirt look expensive +1

Williams1 Williams1 Artist from FL, United States

i really like this and the image makes this shirt look expensive +1

Chevinster Chevinster Artist from Colombo, Sri Lanka

this T is disrespecting a religion, please remove this

keviiin keviiin Artist from Berlin, Germany

@ chevinster: dont thinks so, it’s art

saman123 saman123 Human from Sri Lanka

Please remove this, its disrespecting a religion

ams123 ams123 Human from colombo, Sri Lanka

plz don’t insult lord Buddha this is insulting Buddha plz if you have a religion plz respet others religions also . plzz remove this t shirt

Sampathd Sampathd Human from Sri Lanka

@Keviiin you have freedom to make any art. But you are insulting a religion practiced by millions of people around the world. Therefore we kindly request you to remove this. If you can do the same art with the head of Jesus, I accept your point. I know you cannot do it.

Lumia Lumia Human from Sri Lanka

you are insulting a religion.. plz remove this.

Thilan Thilan Human from Sri Lanka

don’t insult lord Buddha. plz remove this asap.
Keviiin pls understand ,insulting religion is not a art ..

trantmum trantmum Human from United Kingdom

You are insulting a religion here. Please remove. Please stop insulting Buddha. This is not acceptable.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hello all,

I have listened to both sides of this argument and I the design has not violated any terms or conditions to my knowledge. The comments here will remain because our community is entitled to their opinion and the art will remain because the artist is entitled to enter based on our Terms.

Finally, let’s not pepper this design any more than need be, the artist and Design By Humans got the message. @Keviiin Could you supply the image you used of the buddha? I am concerned that it has copyright issues associated with it.

keviiin keviiin Artist from Berlin, Germany

I’m sorry if i insulted a religion with my art. that was not my intention.
the idea was just to combinate ancient scultpures with modern style. not more.
I don’t show buddha in a bad or obscene way .. so i cant understand why this is injuring someone.
So i dont will delete it. sorry.

the picture i’ve used is free:


wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi Keviiin,

Thanks for the comment. I looked into the image and found this in that sites agreement:

“You acknowledge that by your download the ownership of Image does not get transferred to You and You must not claim that it is yours. Your license is non-transferable, which means that You are not allowed to sell, rent, give, sublicense, or otherwise transfer the Image or the right to use the Image to anyone else. The work You create with the Image must be used either by yourself or by your client. You warrant that You do your best to prevent third parties from duplicating the Image. “

This means if you won here you would be “selling” the image to Design By Humans meaning you would break copyright law :( This is a no go for us.

keviiin keviiin Artist from Berlin, Germany

hmmm.. soo then delete it .. everyone will be happy

daletheskater daletheskater Artist from Australia

I can see how it could be taken as an insult but to others it’s just controversial art!

CosmicAnt CosmicAnt Artist from Planet Earth, Uruguay

epicc!! +1

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