CosmicAnt CosmicAnt Artist from Planet Earth, Uruguay

epic coolnes!!! 1 vote for you!! check my design thanks!

Geno75 Geno75 Artist from Indonesia


travelerRiver travelerRiver Artist from Bogota, Colombia

really crazy +1

yucaballero yucaballero Artist from DF, Mexico

Tnks for all your coments. Well… this is my first design here, i’ll try to create a new for us! Readin and warching my votes i recive a lot of self-esteem… Nice!!!

chrijerasmus chrijerasmus Artist from Gauteng, South Africa
fist444 fist444 Artist from Mexico

This is something different +1000

Hey! Check my work, vote & feedback. Thanks.

Bubingin Bubingin Artist from Papua New Guinea

Voted! Awesome work. But looks not so cool on T, imho

shihamanji shihamanji Artist from Philippines

cool art, nice color, and nice placement!! nice work!

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