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im overwhelmed by your comments…whew. Ahehehe. big thnx!

oh my! the shy gorilla haha, didn’t even see this in your collection before! love it! congrats


alright! I’m sure this is the first of many more prints for you.

love the design and your work!!! but i wish the shirt was on a different color :C

Nice! Great work.

nice job!

Cool bro, I remember voting for this.

wow….that print looks really sweet man.
you should feel proud. nice one

excellent, love the colors

whoah… this is a crazy print. i really really love all the subtle textures and colors… great work! congrats!

Nice win …
Im intending to buy this…

It’s not as dark as the photos make it look. I’m just a crappy photographer. The 1st men’s additional photo is the best actual representation of the print. Sorry about that….you can all leave hate messages on my profile if you want.

This is going in my cart with the quickness.
Congrats to you on what’s hopefully first of many prints.

Really unique piece! It looks great on the shirt. I´ll order one of those :)




It looks a bit dark. It would look much better if it was printed as light as the actual picture.

congrats myargie22!


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