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Great WORK! :)

This one is somewhere over the Atlantic atm, on its way to my mailbox (:

i love the color +1

Great design. Great placement.
view mines plz. negative and + comments welcome.




tnx at ryozilla…i even searched what turd means, lol

gorgeous, great job! don’t listen to yaffie

Amazing shirt, yea i agree, kinda dark unlike the pic, but still a buy on my list.

yeah sorry guys but this looks like a turd on a shirt.

looks like a poo stain

wow! this one looks awesome. Congrats myargie

This T is Off the Hook, Nice!

congrats! looks nice!

Heh. Maybe the gorilla was intrigued by your face…


nice win this is cool

forget what i said about the color, im buying this :P

myargie, You did Great! CONGRATS! been in the waiting for a while, you DESREVE it Man!!!

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