qetza qetza Artist from United States

Nice flow and colors

Carli Carli Artist from Denmark

Cool, nice job!

pinkstorm pinkstorm Artist from Philippines


Moncheng Moncheng Artist from Cebu, Philippines


Synyster Synyster Artist from Maryland, United States

awesome men +1!

I’d appreciate if you help me with your vote too..

Electro music


ADAMLAWLESS ADAMLAWLESS Artist from Johor Bahru, Malaysia


Ingkong Ingkong Artist from Philippines

nice color

trinjak trinjak Artist from Ukraine


cyanide032 cyanide032 Artist from Philippines


Williams1 Williams1 Artist from FL, United States

Nice colors and flow very beautiful. PRINT !

Inkling Inkling Artist from North Carolina, United States

Jellyfish are the best fish! Really, really nice colors and overall flow to the piece, it’s been sad all over. I might’ve liked a slightly warmer purple, more like fuscha, but still, nice design!

CornyMistick CornyMistick Artist from United Kingdom

pretty, +1

ProRainCloud ProRainCloud Human from United States

I love this design and can’t wait for it to print!

medusadollmaker medusadollmaker Artist from Spain

Love it <3

nihilsinedeus nihilsinedeus Artist from Wyoming, United States


ekkod ekkod Artist from United States

Absolutely love this. +1

briantong briantong Human

You can make this for men too!

camsaprana25 camsaprana25 Artist from FL, United States

Thanks everyone. @briantong I have a men’s version up already:)

buyo18 buyo18 Artist from MN, Nicaragua


Chevinster Chevinster Artist from Colombo, Sri Lanka
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