BeadlerWorks BeadlerWorks Artist from NY, United States

Nice work

lauragraves lauragraves Artist from Canada

Gorgeous line work – love!

Geno75 Geno75 Artist from Indonesia

Very nice+

JennaleeAuclair JennaleeAuclair Artist from BC, Canada

I agree, I also enjoy the line work.

tavutactac tavutactac Artist from France

beautiful ! +1

PhilClou PhilClou Human from Canada

Love the design, but how would you get the two color background? Too much print makes the shirt feel stiff… maybe use a “dip-dyed” shirt to start with, though I don’t know if DBH make those. Anyway, hope it gets printed. Oh and I don’t get why you think it’s “too feminine” for guys to wear, it’s a great shirt and I’d be happy to have one!

Kenli Kenli Artist from Australia

@PhilClou Hey, thx for your effort. I’m not too good at printing methods so :S ye, like you said, it sounds too hard to make one. Well in terms of femininity, that’s from one of my friend, he thinks the picture looks…umm…..tamed….lol

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