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wow! love the feel of this design and the gorgeous details.

wearin’ that! nice print! :)

cool tee! good work

This is an illustraition from an old iranian miniature book. !!!

very nice copying, redrawing, photoshoping, thresholding whatever..

ayrıca tipine sokayım, sende bunu çizecek tip var mı? means dont trick people like this.

need a reprint in medium.


need a reprint in medium. I second this.

reprint in large!

reprint medium. xie xie.

OMG yes! please reprint!

has it been long enough for me to say REPRINT again?

I.. want.. to.. wear.. on.. my.. body.. and.. hang.. in.. my.. closet…

You guys probably forgot, but you were going to reprint this, don’t worry though, I remembered for you.


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