Heh, I like the irony of it.

leeed leeed Artist

nice design did u chek my laste design plz

Beekei Beekei Artist

funny! +1
I uploaded a design so please have a look and vote it if you like it!

Phaedrus Phaedrus Human

nice shirt, I hope it gets more votes!

oavice oavice Artist

really fun. +1

bogoio bogoio Artist

my mom says that a sandal up side down is bad luck. lol

bernorn bernorn Human

haha, voted!

If this were to win, I’d be really tempted to get it just to freak out my superstitious friends. Maybe just wear it on Friday the 13th.

LeBaron LeBaron Artist

This is fantastic!

SteveOramA SteveOramA Artist from Colorado, United States

thanks guys!

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