del_core del_core Artist

brow thanks for greeting

Medium please!!!!

Dconte08 Dconte08 Human

ive been checking this shirt daily hoping for a reprint but no luck =\

canillas canillas Human

reprint Medium please!

Dconte08 Dconte08 Human

Large needs to be reprinted, i want this shirt badly


reprint medium please!!

bfeller bfeller Human

This shirt screams. Love it. Bought it. Can’t wait to wear it

Awesome shirt. Reminds me of a Jackson Pollock.

ankl3deep ankl3deep Human

sick shirt, I might get it

Raemik Raemik Human

So many people commented on this shirt when I wore it today, I love it!

Puni Puni Human

I’m starting to like this. [:

_bug_ _bug_ Artist

Very nice!

yakamuci yakamuci Human


the printing is really good, you cannot take that away from this website. they get some real good printers.

erdy erdy Artist

wow..i digg it and my guess its right, this is will get printed by DBH. congratulation bro!

I’m a huge fan of black tees, ESPECIALLY with tons of color. Now I can look cool, and support my favorite t-shirt site as well.

kooky-love kooky-love Artist from Semarang, Indonesia


look… another design by humans shirt.


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